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Export Specialists!



We offer complete solutions for the development of your company's foreign trade, we work Multilingual, we make Offers, Marketing, Service at your request!

We plant your Product abroad with you!

Monthly Plans!

We offer for your Company 

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For you

Are you already in the international market?

We offer complete customized solutions for you, Multilingual!

Optimize your process!

Inserting your product into the world

There are already widely known segments in which Brazil is a producer and acts as a supplier to the world and other types of products that are still gaining ground. Firstly, we study your product and the feasibility of inserting it into the international market, in each part of the world .

Prospecting for International Customers

We act as a commercial representative for your company around the world, searching for markets where your products are most competitive and closing deals with companies eager for them.

Direct Export

In this modality we carry out all export consultancy through your company. From enabling your company's radar to concluding business.​

Indirect Export

We carry out customs clearance and transportation, so that your merchandise is nationalized and delivered to you.

Pátio de contêineres

We offer complete solutions for the development of your company's foreign trade, we work Multilingual!

The world, and Foreign Trade, are extremely dynamic. What makes sense at another time may no longer make sense.

Therefore, we will always be ready to think about new ways of doing business, new partnerships, new work routines.

We are active in several sectors:

-Cars and motorcycles, spare parts and accessories
-Boats, Motorboats spare parts and accessories
-Fiberglass and resins
-Food and drinks
-Agricultural products
-Stone, marble and granite


We identify buyers and suppliers for numerous segments, in different countries. It covers the analysis of local customs legislation, cost forecasts, export and import licenses, export reports, local fees and commissions.

Aerial View of the Distribution Center

Logistics management

It covers logistics management with the contracting and management of freight and storage, providing excellent rates when contracting land freight and containers, using the best Cargo Agents and Shipowners.

Cargo ship at sea

International Transport

We transport by sea or air. We transport your cargo from the supplier to your address and provide means for tracking small loads to containers, point to point. Door-to-Door!


Custom broker

We provide customs brokerage services for cargo release at ports and airports in all regions of Brazil and we have brokerage partners abroad.

Cargo ship


Recommended for companies that want to sell their products in other markets. It covers everything from customer identification, negotiation, export documentation to customs clearance.

Aerial View of the Distribution Center


For companies that need to import and want all stages to be outsourced, enjoying formal door-to-door importing. We also operate in the express import modality, small loads in a shorter time.

Cargo worker

FCL – Full Container Load

In the FCL modality, the exporter (or importer) fills the container with its cargo without the need for a second exporter to compose and complete the loading of a container.

Packaging factory

LCL – Less Container Load

The LCL modality means that the exporter (or importer) does not have enough cargo to fill a container completely. For this reason, you will ship your cargo with other exporters (or importers).

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